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Workgroup Name

Use Cases and Overall Architecture

Task Groups

  • Architecture Task Group (ATG)

  • Network Slicing Task Group (NSTG)

  • Use Case Task Group (UCTG)

Workgroup Charter

WG1 is responsible for identification of key O-RAN use cases, deployment scenarios and development of the overall O-RAN architecture. There are currently three task groups under WG1.

Workgroup Scope

Architecture Task Group (ATG):

1.Specify the overall architecture of O-RAN.

2.Provide high level description of the O-RAN functions and the associated interfaces that connect them.

3.Illustrate relevant implementation options, as and when needed, to explain the O-RAN architecture.

4.Facilitate and arbitrate the cross-WG architectural topics/discussions.

Network Slicing Task Group (NSTG):

1.Study on network slicing in O-RAN.

2.Definition of O-RAN slicing use cases (to submit to UCTG) and requirements.

3.Definition of O-RAN slicing architecture and related extensions to O-RAN interfaces.

4.Alignment of WGs.

Use Case Task Group (UCTG):

1.Identification of potential use cases enabled by O-RAN.

2.Definition of detailed top level use cases and inter-WG alignment.

3.Dissemination of use cases.

Workgroup Co-chairs

Jinri Huang - China Mobile (CMCC)

Paul Smith - AT&T (ATT)

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