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Focus Group Number


Focus Group Name

Standard Development Focus Group

Focus Group Charter

  • O-RAN outputs, such as architecture, specifications, open reference design and open source codes are de facto standards.

  • It’s extremely desirable for O-RAN to coordinate with other SDOs and entities so that O-RAN outputs, as applicable, are considered for the standards developed by those SDOs/entities.

  • It’s extremely desirable for O-RAN members to coordinate their positions and voices in different SDOs and entities.

  • SDFG plays the leading role on working out the standardization strategies of O-RAN alliance.

  • Each WG is responsible to coordinate with other related SDOs and entities under the standardization strategies by SDFG.

  • O-RAN alliance will send liaison statements to other SDOs/entities, however, contributions to other SDOs and entities must be made through multi-company contributions of individual members of those entities that participate in O-RAN.

Focus Group Scope

  • Work out standardization strategies of O-RAN.

  • Coordinate standardization related activities and outputs across O-RAN WGs to ensure specifications made by O-RAN be submitted to related SDOs in a timely manner with a unified voice.

  • SDFG tracks the related activities of other SDOs/entities, and reports according to the Strategy.

Authority to make decisions (granted by TSC)

  • If the liaison or contribution does not contain O-RAN proprietary/copyright material nor a request for the SDO to initiate new work nor O-RAN’s income/expenditure, SDFG can quickly approve sending the liaison/contribution to the external group, and will notify the EC of this action.

  • If the liaison or contribution contains O-RAN proprietary/copyright material or a request for the SDO to initiate new work or O-RAN’s income/expenditure:

    • SDFG will review and if agreed by consensus, endorse the liaison/contribution.

    • SDFG co-chairs will request the EC to approve sending the liaison/contribution externally.

      • Including required approval date to meet the external meeting submission target

    • If the external contribution includes most or all of an O-RAN specification or a request to initiate new work or O-RAN’s income/expenditure, the EC may further ask the Board to review and approve.

Focus Group Co-Chairs

AT&T (ATT): Brian Daly

China Mobile (CMCC): Jiajin Gao

Qualcomm (QCM): Douglas Knisely

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