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Focus Group


Focus Group Name

Security Focus Group

Focus Group Charter

The SFG is responsible for defining the requirements and specifying the architectures and protocols for security and privacy in O-RAN systems. It shall collect the security requirements and solutions from all other WGs, negotiate as necessary to ensure uniform requirements and designs among the relevant WGs, thereby allowing a standardized security architecture. The SFG shall specify security requirements, architectures and frameworks in support of the open interfaces defined by other O-RAN WGs. This includes security guidelines that span across the entire O-RAN architecture.

Focus Group Scope

  • Specify O-RAN Security Architecture and protocols

  • Develop Security Requirements for O-RAN systems

  • Specify Security Protocol specific profiles

  • Specify Security Test Cases

  • O-RAN Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure (CVD) Program

  • Development of O-RAN Open-Source Community (OSC) security guidelines / requirements

  • Development of an O-RAN Open Test and Integration Center (OTIC) / integration and validation of security use cases / capabilities with TIFG

  • WG specific security analysis – Threats, risks assessment, specific countermeasure

  • Study and and if feasible specify adoption of blockchain technologies in O-RAN Security architecture

Focus Group Co-Chairs

Deutsche Telekom (DTAG): Jan Baláš

Orange (ORA): Sebastien Jeux

Altiostar (ALS): Nagendra Bykampadi

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