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Workgroup Name

Operation And Maintenance Work Group

Workgroup Charter

Work Group 10 has full responsibility for the O1 interface OAM specifications for O-RAN, including unified O1 interface operation and notification, and for creating a detailed OAM architecture and requirements consistent with the overall OAM architecture described in the WG1 O-RAN Architecture document. This includes a set of information models/data models for O-RAN.

Workgroup Scope

  1. Develop O-RAN O1 OAM Information and data models, using industry developed baselines where available, and adding further material as needed by O-RAN’s architecture and interfaces

  2. Develop O1 interface specifications to O-RAN elements consistent with the principles outlined in O-RAN whitepaper and elaborated in Architecture Description Document.

  3. Develop a detailed OAM architecture consistent with the Architecture Description Document, including key management interfaces and deployment options: Develop the role of the O1 interface in Control and Management loops of O-RAN architecture, in conjunction with other Work Groups

  4. Provide coordinated definition and collection of O1 KPIs and PM, FM across all WGs

Workgroup Co-chairs

AT&T (ATT):  David Kinsey

China Mobile (CMCC): Xiang Li

NOKIA (NOK): Anatoly Andrianov

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