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Workgroup Number


Workgroup Name

Near-Real-time RAN Intelligent Controller and E2 Interface Workgroup

Task Groups

Near RT-RIC Architecture Task Group

Workgroup Charter

•Define the use cases and requirements related to Near-RT RIC and E2 interface

•Define E2 interface between Near-RT RIC and E2 Nodes to enable near-real-time control and optimization of RAN elements and resources via fine-grained data collection and actions

•Define Near-RT RIC internal architecture

•Define the Near-RT RIC APIs between Near-RT RIC platform and xApps

•Define the WG3-related test and conformance specifications

•Coordinate with WG2 regarding A1 control loops.

•Coordinate with WG10/WG6 on xApp LCM and general Near-RT RIC O1

•Coordinate with SFG on WG3 security issues

Workgroup Scope

Must have:

•WG3 use case and requirements specification

•E2 interface specifications

•Near-RT RIC Architecture specification

•Near-RIC API interface specifications

•WG3-related test and conformance specifications

•Near-RT RIC management specifications

Workgroup Co-chairs

Deutsche Telekom (DTAG): Claudio Coletti

China Mobile (CMCC): Xiaofei XU

NOKIA (NOK): Paul Stephens

SAMSUNG (SAM): Jianwei Xu

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