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Last Updated: April 22, 2022

Workgroup Number


Workgroup Name

Open Fronthaul Interface

Workgroup Charter

WG4 will specify the open fronthaul interface between O-DU/SMO and O-RU, and the cooperative transport interface between O-DU and TN. WG4 will also specify relevant test specifications.

Workgroup Scope

Developing open fronthaul interface specifications for the lower layer split

  • Control, User and Synchronization (C/U/S) plane protocols

  • Management (M) plane protocols and associated YANG models

Develop cooperative transport interface specifications

  • Transport Control (TC) plane protocols

  • Transport Management (TM) plane protocols

Develop open fronthaul test specifications

  • Conformance Test specifications

  • IOT specifications including IOT profiles

Workgroup Co-Chairs


Verizon (VZW): Shankar Venkatraman

NOKIA (NOK): Krzysztof Kosciuszkiewicz 'krzys'

Cisco (CIS): Mark Grayson

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