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Cloudification and Orchestration

Workgroup Charter

A “cloudified” RAN is one that provides the flexibility of deploying multiple software implementations from different software vendors on a common CPU-based (e.g., x86/ARM) platform with hardware accelerators (e.g., FPGA/DSP/ASIC/GPU) for specific functions, and conversely, also allows multiple physical deployment scenarios in terms of centralizing or distributing each network element with the same software implementation. WG6's “cloudification” charter is to identify use cases that will demonstrate the benefits of h/w and s/w decoupling of all O-RAN elements (including RIC, O-CU, O-DU, O-RU) and all deployment scenarios, and to develop requirements and reference designs for the cloud platform including the NFVI (infrastructure), VIM (container/VM orchestration), and Accelerator Abstraction layers.

A disaggregated and cloudified multi-vendor RAN will require common vendor-neutral APIs for managed element discovery, lifecycle management, FM/PM, and orchestration across both PNFs and VNFs in order to function as a cohesive unit that supports key lifecycle use cases such as scale-out, slice management, fault tolerance, and hitless software upgrades. WG6's orchestration charter is to support O-RAN’s disaggregation mission by developing lifecycle flows and commonality of O2 APIs between the SMO and the O-Cloud.

Workgroup Scope

Must have:

  • Orchestration

    • Orchestration (management) architecture

    • Dynamic orchestration (lifecycle management) use cases

    • O2 PNF/VNF orchestration spec

  • Cloud architecture

    • Requirements from cloud, HW, and RAN elements

    • Reference design for virtualized CU and DU (maybe RU in future)

      • Cloud size and distribution

      • VMs vs containers

      • Networking design

      • Accelerator design

      • Accelerator abstraction layer

Nice to have:

  • Code contributed to relevant open-source communities

Workgroup Co-chairs

AT&T (ATT): Kaustubh Joshi (KJ)

Vodafone (VFE): Nikoleta Patroni

Lenovo (LNV): Lei Li

Ciena (CIE): Lyndon Ong

WG6 Introduction Slides

WG Introduction Slides (PPTX)

Key Wiki Pages

  1. Release Tracker - provides schedule for specifications and in child pages identifies CRs proposed, their status and any comments. Tracker for current release is Nov 2022 Release Tracker

  2. Polls - lists any active polls, used for final approvals - Polls, technical, active

  3. Meeting Notes and Contributions pages - self-explanatory

  4. Work Items pages - identifies current work items and associated teams/task groups, along with their meeting notes and team contributions (not yet advanced to WG6 review)

  5. F2F Meeting Plans - provides agendas and notes for WG6 F2F meetings and general discussion

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