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Workgroup Number


Workgroup Name

O-RAN Stack Reference Design Working Group

Workgroup Charter

Develop the software architecture, design, and release plan for the O-RAN Central Unit (O-CU) and O-RAN Distributed Unit (O-DU) based on O-RAN and 3GPP specifications for the NR protocol stack.

Develop specifications for interoperability testing of O-RAN O-CU and O-DU deployment scenarios with other O-RAN components in standalone (SA) mode.

Workgroup Scope

Must have:

  • L1, L2, and L3 software architecture and design for the O-RAN Central Unit (O-CU) and O-RAN Distributed Unit (O-DU)

  • API definitions to internal component

  • API definitions to external components, e.g., RIC and Whitebox (coordinate with external WGs)

  • API definitions for OAM

Software Stack Assumptions:

  • All source code development and management will be under OSC/TOC

  • 5G SA only

  • Support FR1 and FR2

  • Support O-CU/O-DU integrated/split architecture

Workgroup Co-chairs

China Mobile (CMCC): SU GU

AT&T (ATT):  Paul Hartman

Intel (INT): Jianli (Alex) Sun

Radisys (RSY): Ganesh Shenbagaraman

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