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Workgroup Name

Open Xhaul Transport WG

Workgroup Charter

The WG shall focus on the transport domain – consisting of transport equipment, physical media and control / management protocols associated with the transport network underlying the assumed Ethernet interfaces (utilized for fronthaul, mid-haul and backhaul). The WG shall focus on specifying deployment architectures, requirements and solutions, identify gaps and proposals towards existing transport SDOs.  The WG shall also coordinate requirements from other WGs, negotiating as necessary to align requirements among the WGs. 

The WG shall avoid overlap or conflicts in technical work in other O-RAN WGs or existing work in the external SDO bodies.

Workgroup Scope

Must have:

  • Deliver transport specifications including technical requirements, architecture, key components, management and control protocol for  the various scenarios with potential solutions (e.g. PON, xWDM, DOCSIS, etc) in support of open interfaces.  Non-traditional network definitions including microwave and air-to-ground links are also considered.

  • Open-design specifications and multi-vendor interoperability in transport domain.

  • Definition of security handling on the networks related to the transport network.

  • Network topologies including tree and ring structures, and performance (e.g. timing) budgets for the various topologies

  • Identify gaps in existing standards and drive requirements/use cases into relevant transport SDOs e.g. ITU-T, IEEE etc.

  • Requirements for transport optics and nodes, ensuring requirements conform to specifications already addressed by other WGs. Any new requirements for transceivers or nodes impacting other working groups, shall be proposed & treated in affected groups to ensure alignment.

Nice to have:

Not in scope:


    • Specifications/requirements or protocols above the transport medium (e.g. RAN FH/MH/BH protocols covered by other WGs/3GPP)

    • Cooperative Transport Interface (CTI) as addressed for fronthaul by WG4 (to avoid overlap)*

    • O-RU and O-DU synchronization requirements (already being addressed by WG4)

    • Additional O-RAN network elements including Fronthaul Gateway functionality (which is addressed within WG7)

Workgroup Co-chairs

China Mobile (CMCC): Sheng Liu

Verizon (VZW):  Mark T. Watts

Viavi Solutions (VIA): Reza Vaez-Ghaemi

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